Saturday, August 07, 2004

"Oh, really? He'll cope."

In the midst of my back pains, I was reading some comic books, I stumbled upon an issue of The Books of Magic by Vertigo Comics, a group under DC Comics. The Books of Magic is bit similar to Harry Potter but much darker, sinister and foul languages at times. It chronicled on a young man, Timothy Hunter, who is destined to conquer super-heroes including Superman someday in the future.

Like Potter, he is an orphan and lives with an uncle. Blah, blah. Anyway, in this issue, Tim was dead because of a parasite he got something right before the issue I was reading about. I'm not sure exactly. But that is not the point here. Right outside of mortality, Tim met Death, a beautiful, pale-skinned woman with black hair and eyes. Normally, Death would touch someone else to make him/her to confirm that one is dead, permanently. But Death did not touch.

Meanwhile back to the site where Tim Hunter died, there was a character named Birdman who learned that he is the father of Tim Hunter and his lover, Queen Titania, the mother. He was consummated with the guilt of being the father who abandoned Tim in the first place. Queen Titania is considered to be vicious, fierce and ruthless ruler of her realm, but she loved the Birdman.

The Birdman asked to be exchanged in order to sacrifice his life for the life of his son, Tim. The act was done. Tim woke back to the reality and saw the dead Birdman sitting in the chair. Suddenly, Queen Titania entered the chambers.

Meanwhile, outside of mortality, Death touched the Birdman and chatted openly with the father who expressed a concern that Queen Titania might be vicious, blaming him for his death.

Death turned to look at Tim, and smirked. She said, "Oh, really? He'll cope." They departed, never to return again.

Queen Titania was vicious. Fierce enough to hurl insults at Tim, "You are cursed, you are now motherless and fatherless. Yes, I am your mother but I renounce you. That is your curse!"

Tim shrugged and walked away, "So? For a long time, I had been doing fine without my parents and I think I will be fine, without you or him. Besides, you were a lousy mother."

Queen Titania fell on the floor, crying.

Why did I talk about this? Well, our lives are full of obstacles and struggles. At times, we will face such vicious and hardships, but guess what? We will cope, eventually.

So, not bad, though.


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