Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Calm Before The Storm

This month is very surreal. August is normally the hottest and humidest month of the year in Manhattan. But it is cool. I even had sex with someone else without getting too sticky. I even slept with a thick blanket. Something is up in the air.

Which brings me to mention this -- there was an episode of a fight between Dominique and Alexis on a nighttime soap opera TV show called Dynasty. It was reported that Joan Collins refused to participate in physical fights because of her age, so the producers decided to insert a stuntwoman, but forced Diahann Carroll (who played Dominique) to stand facing the camera while the back of Alexis' hair was only showed.

What happened is that Dominique slapped Alexis after she got offended by what Alexis said. Alexis retaliated by pushing her on the bed. Dominique fell on the bed, but pulled Alexis down as well -- then they went rumble onto the floor, picked up the lamp and tossed it towards Dominique (always missed, though!) and crashed on the wall, causing the large frame to crash on the floor as well. In the process of a struggle, they broke a vase then fell on a coffeetable, breaking it in two.

All in all, when it was done ... you could see the lingering effects of chaos in the room after a rumble between Dominique and Alexis. The bed damaged, the wall ripped, the frame broken, the vase gone, the lamp destroyed, the coffeetable damaged ...

I suspect that something will happen like this next week during the GOP National Convention here in Manhattan. Somebody needs to tell these freaks that they are NOT welcomed here in this town. Nobody wanted them here. Nobody liked them here. Nobody wanted to deal with the Republicans here in this town.

Such a drama. Can't wait, of course.


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