Sunday, August 29, 2004

Plenty of Protests

I was supposed to meet a certain person at Sheridan Square to join the march to protest Bush and his cronies' invasion of the island today. I overslept by an hour. I strolled westward (only one and half block away) to Union Square. It was pretty packed. So many posters, so many people to check out.

I was not impressed with NYPD or the "security guys". They had the helicopters swarming along with a blimp hovering above the marchers.

Last Friday, I was on 14 Street when I saw a large group of cyclists known as "Critical Mass" passing by, they do this once a month on the last Friday of the month to swarm the city on their bicycles to promote the awareness of cycling needs in this town. Suddenly, the NYPD cops were all over them and started to arrest them for reasons unknown to me at the time. Later, NYPD claimed that they were interferring with the traffic. That is *bullshit*.

Yes, some cyclists chanted against Bush, but they were not interferring the traffic, they were going along with the traffic. I saw it with my eyes. Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican whom the residents regret voted for in the first place. Mayor Bloomberg wanted to look good right before the start of Republican National Convention.

Today at the March, I observed the numbers -- one reported 250K which I agreed because it is so dense. One said 10K, that is rubbish. If it is 10K, there would be plenty of empty spaces there and over there. But it was not. It was packed. I even cannot find any friends or any one I knew.

The truth is that the Republicans lacked the guts. They sent the poor guys to wars to do the deed for their needs. The Republicans needed the massive security to protect themselves from the angry mass of American people who are fed up with their antics.

Why do you think VP Dick Cheney chose Ellis Island as a place to arrive and talk to the press? It is because he knew that we cannot reach him at Ellis Island. He is avoiding us.

President Bush will come on Thursday for few hours then flee the city. See? He is afraid of us. He knew that he did a lot of despicable things to Americans and the world and yet, he surrounded himself with his friends to act like he is doing the "good thing".

He is not.

He is a coward cocksucker.


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