Thursday, August 12, 2004

Few Words For Few Things

Anyone told you, Josh Talbott, that you are retarded? I hope the Courts will revoke your license for a long time. Too bad, Josh Talbott is cute. What Josh needed is to pull his pants down and be paddled with my own hands.

Speaking of cute, Michael Phelps is not the only cute guy in Olympics. So far, my eyes has been turning towards Paul and Morgan Hamm. I like the Midwest boys, they seem to adopt "innocence" over them (they are not!). So seeing Paul and Morgan Hamm on the tube is going to make me sweat and move around in my seat a lot. A lot. Sigh. I normally do not watch gymnastics because it always scared me to see them flipping out -- I hate to see people getting hurt -- stuff like that, it makes me get up and run away from the tube. I hate the part where you hold your breath until he lands perfectly -- and you exhale. Then you see the scores that goes 9.5, 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 and from the Russians, 3.7 -- but who cares? Everyone loves this shit.

Paul ... or Morgan?

Morgan ... or Paul?

Hope you all enjoyed the samples of cheeseheads (Morgan and Paul are from Wisconsin, the lands of Cheeseheads) today. Get an orgasm or two.


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