Thursday, August 26, 2004

Coach Brown, you are pitiful

With the USA Basketball Team up by 11 with 23 seconds left, USA Head Coach Larry Brown called a timeout. What was that for, Coach Brown? Was that one of your tactics to rub the salt in the Spaniards' pride, who went 5-0 before losing to USA, knocking them out of medal contention?

I was glad to know that the coach of Spanish National Team had some words for Coach Brown.

Coach Brown's comments regarding the timeout with 23 seconds left was lame. Coach Brown, you coached for many years -- and it is new to you? Please don't give me that excuse. You did this to rub the salt in their pride. Anyone who coaches in this sport for more than 20 years knew that routine -- it is to prolong the game in order to stroke their egos and to rub the salt on the losing team.

You are pitiful, Coach Brown.


Here is an excerpt of what Coach Brown said:
Brown said: “Hopefully I’ll learn to handle these situations, which are new to me, a little bit better.

“It was like having an argument with my son. I tried to explain but he just wouldn’t listen. I called the time out and then saw the clock and tried to cancel it, but (the officials) wouldn’t let me. I tried to explain this to (Pesquera), that I meant no disrespect.”

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