Thursday, August 19, 2004

Addendum to Bass

I should mention something about Bass Hall. If you drive towards Staunton on Route 250, you'll see the Toyota dealership that went out of business on your right side, park it by the fence overlooking the downtown, Mary Baldwin College and my deaf school. You shall see the main building, appropriately called the Main Hall sitting on the top of the hill while other buildings sits closer to it -- Bass Hall sits right next to Main Hall on the right -- it is the tallest building in the area, perhaps in all of deaf schools, 7-stories high.

Today, there is a federal kaw that prohibits a school that goes beyond 4-stories high as per safety reasons. But my deaf school has a grandfather clause because it was built before the law was enacted.

It is remarkable to mention that in its existence of the dormitory, no deaths occured for many years ... until last year. You know, what happened is that there was a female student who returned to VSD from a weekend at her family's home. She went to 6th floor and jumped off and was dead on its impact. VSD students and staff were thrown into turmoil and confusion. Some people accused VSD of causing her to do that -- later, it was found that she was a lesbian and came home to tell her family about it -- her family is religious nuts -- and they were pretty harsh on her all weekend long so when she returned to VSD, she just went straight to 6th floor and did the deed. It was the first suicide in 160-plus years at VSD.


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