Monday, December 05, 2005

Yes, It Is MANly Movie and 12.5.05 Tidbits

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Hat tip to Dylan Westbury.

Thanks, Dylan.

The BEST Holiday Display Ever: This is amazing feat!

Hat tip to Chad of Cake or Death -- I condemn him but I love to pick on Chad, though.

Elizabeth Vargas? I'm not a fan of Elizabeth Vargas but it appears that she'll be the co-anchor with Bob Woodruff for ABC's World News Tonight. I think I'll stick with NBC's Brian Williams and CNN's Anderson Cooper -- they are easy on my eyes.

Too Slow Response! This is amusing. Hearing disabled? Okay. It is "slowly changing". That is the problem. And this is news? Please. Get. A. Grip.

Right As Always: Richmond School Board Chairman Stephen B. Johnson is expected to resign. Now guys, pay up. I knew the state is conservative, Stephen has to resign or face these silly remarks by many Conservatives who will use this as an opportunity to derail his ideas. That's how Virginia operated in the last 100 years. Go figure.

Rate Your Video Relay Service! This website is operated by a deaf man. It is to rate the VRS of its service. Not surprising, Sorenson is the popular but not the best.

An Appeal To Anyone:

I got this from McFly via the email:

Sign hey:

My name is John Lee Clark, and I am the publisher of The Tactile Mind Press. My wife, Adrean, and I started the company by establishing a print literary journal, called The Tactile Mind, offering the best in today’s signing community literature.

In the beginning, we knew that the journal would be a losing venture financially, but we hoped that the number of its subscribers would gradually grow up to and beyond the point where it would support itself.

Unfortunately, this has not happened. Our journal has received high praise for its physical quality and the quality of the work published in it. We are also finding it impossible to keep on pouring thousands of dollars and months of work into its publication. Before we close the publication, however, we would like to give the community a chance to save it.

So we are having a subscription drive. Our goal is 300 new subscribers by 31 December 2005. If we succeed, the journal will continue publication, and the new book-style issue we have already assembled, including the best of what we have already published in the first five years of the journal and new exciting material, will go to press
immediately. If we come short of the goal, we will close the journal and refund all subscriptions, old and new.

We have tried our best, but now the journal is in your hands. If you want to subscribe, you can order a subscription on-line at or send a check for $28 (for two annual issues of more than 200 pages each) to: The Tactile Mind Press, PO Box 581667, Minneapolis, MN 55458-1667.

The progress of the subscription drive will be posted weekly in our free e-zine, The Tactile Mind Weekly, and you can subscribe to it by sending your e-mail address to

Hoping that the journal will continue, I am

John Lee Clark, Publisher

I enjoyed reading the TTMW. Maybe I should sign up ...


Sore and Stiff R-

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