Thursday, December 22, 2005

12.22.05 Tidbits

A Month Has Passed Since ... I had been reflecting a lot of things when I was on the treadmill at the gym today. I did not realize that a month has passed by since the death of Sarah Pack. *sigh* I'll never forget her.

WTF? Johnny Damon for NY Yankees?! Charlotte Lewis is going to rub this in my face sooner or later. Can't believe that Damon would do that to BoSox fans. Wonder if Steinbrenner would order Damon to cut his hair?

Todd Bertuzzi Should Be Whacked! I cannot believe that Todd Bertuzzi would do this! This Canuck Jackass demanded Steve Moore to pay for attorney fees up to $161,000 -- never mind that Todd was the one who broke Steve Moore's neck and shattered his NHL career permanently! If I ever saw Todd ...

Rene Portland Being Sued In Federal Court: Good. I never liked this woman.

Deaf Girl Can Hear! ! Each time I read something like this, I cringed. Let's be serious for a minute -- even she got implantized, she's still Deaf. She is going to use BSL eventually. She is going to socialize with Deafies eventually. You know what? I'm in favor of having a choice for themselves to decide. If they want to deface their heads, fine with me. But I get annoyed with these pretentious articles that acted like cochlear implants are the "miracle", it is not. It is just another form of hearing aids. That kid will eventually turn her CI off, like many ones I knew.

Busted! SC's Fox News Racist: This is interesting stuff. And Conservative pigs often attacked CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS for being biased but supportive of FOX NEWS -- well, in South Carolina's local affilitate, FOX5NEWS, was busted for quietly promoting a racist and anti-semitism website.

Ack! Anyone Tells Me Why He Is Pope? Pope Benedict XVI is one scary guy to look at. Let's be serious. Many Catholics regarded Popes as the representative of God's Church -- and yet, his appearance is very creepy. He reminds me of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars series.

Since I'm On Star Wars ... : Some readers are quite fond of my shock value. Some people just hated it. Some wondered if I have a hidden agenda? Some wondered if I was simply hateful person to start with. There is a scene in Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith, where the battle took place right above Coruscant, with hundreds of ships battling each other, hurling these bright lasers in different directions.

IN that scene, you could see many things happening at one time -- a Star Destroyer beamed its laser at this particular droid ship, caused it to explode and its debris shot all over in different directions after the impact. You could see tiny ships trying to withstand the brutal battle scenes all over the screen. All in your peripheral vision, what does it makes you feel? Too much? Confused? Overwhelmed?

The sense of Chaos, perhaps? That is what I injected in this blog -- to make things interesting -- to provoke others to think, react and laugh. That is the ultimate goal. Even if it comes at someone's expense -- well, after all, everyone is subjected to be one of these collateral damages, though!

But does it reflects who I am in real person? Not necessary. I am aware that my antics has spawned such hateful responses from certain few. That is fine with me. I cannot please anyone else. I stated my opinions on many things. Sometimes I do not need to explain why I do that to anyone else because my reasons are my own. Sometimes, people wanted the dialogue on certain but volatile issues (mostly related to politics and religions) but I do not. I have a firm belief -- you have yours -- and I say it without stating my reasons. Because I do not have to tell you the reasons. Let's face the reality, I am always right and you are always wrong!

Oh, by the way, that scene where the Star Destroyer beamed its blue laser on this particular droid ship which ignited a spectacular explosion -- it is my favorite scene -- I imagined that when I disparaged someone else's comments. Their dignity just disintegrated just like that. And what did that Star Destroyer do? It moves to the next target, of course.

Just like I do.



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