Friday, December 02, 2005

Richmond School Board Chairman OUTed

This morning, I read The Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper and came on this particular article where the article OUTed Richmond School Board Chairman Stephen B. Johnson as gay man by stating that he advertised on

Lindsay Kastner, the writer of the article, mentioned that the is "an explicit male-dating Internet site."

Nothing is further from the truth. It is not male-dating Internet site. It is a place where you post the advertisements to hook up with men only to fuck. And unfortunately, the numbers of guys on insisted on barebacking. Barebacking is the method of unsafe sex.

Judging Stephen B. Johnson's picture, I can see why he uses

Think about this, Virginia is a conservative state. Something is bound to happen. Trust me, someone will drive Stephen B. Johnson out of his position eventually with this damaging information. It is matter of time.

On second thoughts, somebody needs to find out whether if Stephen B. Johnson has voted against anything that may derail gays' rights in Richmond School Board -- then I can decide whether if the OUTing was justified.

According to the article, Chairman Johnson said he only added on few days ago. That made me chuckle. Needless to say, like many closeted gays, he took it off an hour after the reporter inquired him about it.

Go figure.

Confidential to RT101: You need a new hobby than to read and decry my entries all the time. It is getting old, babe. Oh, by the way, nobody knew he was gay until now. Anyone who hides behind the screen is a coward.

Confidential to Mikey Murvin & Marb(t)y Bonales: Do it. I used drugs before. So fucking what. Unlike you, I do not deny it. I'm fine with it as long as one knew how to control themselves. No big fucking deal. Get a life. Quit harassing me via emails and IMs with threats. Do not harass people's blogs just because they linked to me. It says volumes about your childish behaviors. Grow up a little, willja?

Off to the gym!


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