Thursday, December 29, 2005

12.29.05 Tidbits

BDA Cooler Than NAD? I'm impressed with British Deaf Association's website. C'mon, NAD, you can do better than that!

That Kid Registered .094?! Mom got in labor and went to the hospital, asked her relative to supervise her kids. Her relative got drunk and passed out. The kid drank some of his relatives' hard liquor. And he is only 2. Hat tip to Yankees Lover Roy.

Need Some Laugh?? Check this website. A friend warned that it is addictive. And I checked -- I could not stop smiling. This website impressed me to no end. But what else is new in New York? If you have an imagination that can turn into reality, New York can make it happen. Be sure to click on the suicide jumper.

Where Is Emily Muns? Just got an email from someone else that Emily Muns is doing fine and is now in Abilene, Texas. To calm your curiosities, she still has these quirky moments.

Holy Prick Faggot: Yes, there is a new blogsite called Holy Prick Faggot -- the entries will be composed of gay liberal, gay libertarian, lesbian liberal, two or three gay conservatives. I am one of these contributors. What issues will it cover on? Pretty anything, really. Why did Patrick choose that title? Long story but it was coined after I attempted to offend Patrick "holy prick faggot" (mainly because he used to have this desire to be the Catholic priest) -- he seemed to embrace this and suggested a new blogsite where different people contributed. People jumped in. He proposed contributors of different backgrounds to mesh in. Of course, I found this intriguing so when Patrick offered me to be one of the contributors, I could not resist. You can read on its blogsite.

Logo Channel's Open Bar: Tonight, after a heavy workout at the gym, I stumbled upon an interesting program about a guy who came out of the closet, then he decided to build his first business -- opening a gay bar/restaurant called "iCandy Lounge". I thought it was very cool. It was no secret that many men that were featured on TV except for Adam is not my type. Adam is -- he's charming, sensitive and attentive. Anyway, of course, all businesses has to face tribulations and triumphants -- I do not need to spare some details. You can see this website about the series on Logo Channel.

Naturally, after seeing that program, it piqued my curiosity about this gay lounge in West Hollywood so I surfed its website. I was not really happy with the way it looked. I get the feeling that they only wanted beautiful guys and gals to attend the lounge. Normal guys need not apply, that was the first thing on my mind. But again, this is nothing new with the gay community, always focused on beautiful people instead of normal folks. This is the reason why I loved East Village in New York. The gay bars in East Village is absolutely amazing. Everyone is real. Everyone is smart. Everyone is ... you get the picture. Anyway, after surfing its website, I'm not sure whether if I want to check this bar. It looks so fucking intimidating, is it?

If You Have Some Money To Spare...: Be sure to donate some to the National Center for Lesbian Rights at this website so that they can keep on putting pressures on Penn State to fire its Women's Basketball Coach Rene Portland. Rene Portland removed Jennifer Harris from her team because she suspected Jennifer was Lesbian (she is not). It is not the first time that Rene Portland did this in the last 25 years. NCLR has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against Penn State and Rene Portland for what they did to Jennifer Harris.

Speaking of Women's Basketball: Virginia Cavaliers is now 9-1. The Fates are smiling these days.

Yeah, had a good workout today. Of course, it continues.



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