Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tuesday the 13th Tidbits

This Is Hot! It'd be heaven for many gay guys to watch these four players in action.

Bad News For Lee Trevathan: A dear friend of mine, Lee Trevathan, did not make it to the Top Three for MetroWeekly's Coverboy of the Year. But look at the bright side, he was in Top Ten.

My Workout Regimen? My trainer insisted that I start to work out 3 times per week because I hadn't been doing a workout in years. But after three weeks, it has been changed from 3 days to 5 days. I expected that I'll be exhausted and sore in days to come. In time, I should see some changes in my body.

There is a framed with some wise comments from the owner of the gym regarding our appearances. I cannot quote the exact comments but it was saying that if we have a great body, we should not brag it to others. Basically, the keyword is humility. As for me, the goal is to get healthy, to look good and to feel good about myself. I am also aware that even when I lost pounds, people will still complain about the way I look. Either way, they will always complain. So do I care? No, not really.

Brokeback Mountain Captioned or Subtitled? This is getting frustrating for me. As the film continues to pile up on the raves from many critics regardig two cowboys in love with each other, the film has been released to the limited theaters. Which means what? The chances of seeing the film on a big screen is very remote. I had been trying to find information on this film being subtitled, captioned or even rear view captioned! NO luck. Of course, I knew better than that. Even in 2005, they fucking still ignored us. They will make subtitles for foreigners, but not for their own Americans! How great is this?!

On related note: The Xians organization, Focus on the Family, claimed that the film is not successful because it only produced less than $600,000 on opening night. That was misleading information. Actually, they made $544,549 in FIVE THEATERS! And the film will be expanded to include more cities across the nation. And the Xians are squirming in their seats ... stay tuned.

So-Called Built Tough Ford Caves In: Another Xian organization, American Family Association, announced the victory of convincing the automobile company, Ford Company to stop advertising and sponsoring events associated with gay communities. The same nutty Xian organization is also the responsible ones that intimidated the stores, Target, from selling the morning-after pills for women! This is the same organization that is still attempting to stop the Food & Drug Administration from approving a vaccine that was already tested 100 percent safe to prevent two strains of HPV viruses. This vaccine would have saved thousands of women's lives. In other words, these nutty Xians who supported the American Family Association are murderers, hateful bigots and you tell me that I was too harsh on Xians?!

Rocco And I? For some months, I enjoyed reading Rocco's blogsite called I Probably Hate You -- his blog is funny, vicious and all that. Rocco is very opinionated person. He is not perfect guy. But he has a heart. And his own mind that is considered to be lethal. He often fired some snappy comments that offended, pissed and enraged some gay people.

He is not the best looking guy in the world. But he has a heart. He has a cadre of loyal friends around him. As you can see the picture of Rocco (in yellow shirt) being playful with his teammate, he plays on gay rugby team in New York.

But not everything is good. Rocco also has a stalker who sets up a blog to discredit, taunt and offend Rocco on every turn. The stalker also attempts to tarnish his reputation as well.

This reminds me of my stalker who is operating a blog solely against me, trying to defame me with inaccurate information, false ideas and to ruin my reputation.

After seeing Rocco dealing with this crap, I felt much better. In fact, I felt flattered that there is someone else out there that wants to talk about me. Trying so hard to discredit me at every turn. Go ahead and do it. What you try to do will only make me stronger than ever. Just like Rocco.

Rocco, you rock!

Virginia Cavaliers Update: At 5-1, the Cavaliers will visit the Spiders here in Richmond on Sunday at 2 PM. I'm going to haul my parents to the game so that they will see why I am a fan of Virginia Cavaliers for the last 18 years.

When I was at Gallaudet, I occasionally took friends to Charlottesville, College Park, Morgantown and few places where the Virginia Cavaliers squared off against different teams. Suffice to say, many friends enjoyed themselves, I hoped.

They get to see the real side of me that was not often demonstrated in public. My friends who witnessed me at these games, you are free to describe how I behaved at these games.

Ooh. As for Chlms, my fag hag from Phoenix, Arizona, many years -- since '91 -- 14 years! My god! Christie, whom I affectionately called her as Chlms, and I first met when I barged in Cogswell Hall and I saw her walking on the second floor, I noticed that she looked like someone else that played for Virginia Cavaliers.

I exclaimed to her that she reminded me of Tammi Reiss (pictured on your right). She was perplexed then quickly dismissed me. And even today, I showed the pictures to her, she still dismissed the similar looks. Tammi Reiss played for four years with Dawn Staley at Virginia and they did it very well.

Ever since, Chlms and I became good friends, despite the fact that I probably gave her few ulcers. She did the same, though.

Anyway, it'll be my first time to see the Cavaliers play up front in 2 years. The last time I saw the Cavaliers play was in New York when they played Long Island. Needless to say, the Cavaliers routed Long Island.



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