Sunday, December 04, 2005

12.4.05 Tidbits

Gabrielle Solis versus Sister Mary: The dark comedy-drama series, Desperate Housewives, continues to brew more conflicts amongst the residents of Wisteria Lane. Among the best has to be the challenge by Sister Mary on Gabrielle Solis. Gabrielle felt threatened by the fact that her husband is spending too much time with a nun, Sister Mary. Gabrielle threatened Sister Mary that she'd fight her to preserve Carlos. Sister Mary told her to bring it on. Then Sister Mary chortled, "And God is on my side." Oooh. A challenge!

Damn Zorro! My sister's black cat, Zorro, freaked me out yesterday. I was building up the X-Mas Tree. Then I went to the kitchen to look for the decorations to put on the tree. Little did I know that Zorro walked in under the tree and climbed inside the tree. He decided to relax inside the tree. And when I returned to the tree to hung up the stuff on the tree, Zorro sprang out of the tree -- freaked me out. But Zorro is so heavy and adorable. He knew he's cute. Damn him.

Pyramid in Europe? I was reading this article and I thought it was interesting. So I pulled the earth google on this -- and located the town. I could vaguely see the Pyramid in not far from town. Interesting stuff, though.

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The reviews are coming in for Peter Jackson's King Kong. All raved the 3-hour long film. Saying that the film is going to make people open their jaws. And the scene where King Kong watched the sunset with the damsel in distress is going to make many weep. Now I am intrigued. I sincerely hope that the film, Brokeback Mountain, is going to be subtitled during the first few weeks. I just cannot wait for months while everyone is done watching it. It is not right, though.

Oh, I saw the interview of Peter Jackson on some TV, he looked much thinner as of now. Up next is me.

Graduate School Where? I had been thinking about going to graduate school. My eye is set on one particular school up North. No I won't identify the school until further notice. Only few already knew which school I am interested in. I do not want to jinx my chances.

One Day I Will ...: Legal or not, I intend to rub that one when I am in Paris!

Will Rayni Do Something About It? The newest Leaning Tower of Zip Feed Mill!

Christian Hatred? Some wondered why I hated the Xians. Some exclaimed that Xians are being persecuted by intolerants. Some said that the so-called tolerants failed to tolerate their Xian beliefs. Nothing is far from the truth, really.

I do not hate Xians. I just condemned them, then I trashed them. I do not have the time to hate them.

Let's look at historical background -- when the Bubonic Plague blanketed Europe, what did the Xians do? Tolerate diversity? No, they slaughtered lots of Jews and non-Xians! What happened during the Crusades? Self-explanatory.

They discriminated against many peoples all over the world. Women. Blacks. Peasants. Deaf. Natives. Jews. Muslims. And they are complaining that they are being persecuted as of now?!

They bred people like Adolf Hitler. Martin Luther, who sets up the first Church separate from the Catholic Church in Germany assailed incessantly on Jews for decades just because the Jews declined to sign up for Martin Luther's group. His Church then sowed the seeds in Germany and Austria where people learned how to hate certain groups. And much later, the hate bred the person you knew as Adolf Hitler.

And yet, the Xians were quick to distance themselves from Hitler. Saying that Hitler himself is not Xian, but that is not the point here. But the whole point is where did Hitler picked up so much hatred for Jews, especially in Germany and Austria, if not for Saudi Arabia?! Of course, he learned it from his friends, his communities and of all, the Lutherans.

It annoyed me to hear Xians complained that they felt that they were being persecuted by others. Look at this country across the nation, many organized religions are ordering, encouraging and pushing the people to set up the organizations such as Focus on the Family, Concerned Women for America and America Family Association to battle the equal rights in the name of "tradition", i.e. gay marriage, gay rights et al. Do I feel being persecuted by them? Of course, they are against who I am. They already decreed that I will go to Hell because I rejected their hocus pocus beliefs. So much for tolerance.

My personal beliefs are my own private. I believe in Deism. Even though I feel comfortable being with the reformed Jews more than anything else, it is just that I do not believe in organized religions. They breed intolerance and demand tolerance from others. You can't have it like that. It takes two-way to tolerate each other. By tolerating each other, one has to accept the diversity. The keyword, my readers, is acceptance. If you do not accept who I am, you're not accepte by me. That is the way it is for me.

This is where I stopped tolerating their antics and turned the tables on themselves -- they deserved to be persecuted by many others. It is interesting to note that more people became educated in life, the more they detached themselves from the organized religions, and eventually, they regarded the organized religions as the thing of the past.

And it should be the thing of the past. They belonged in the past -- I look forward to the day where I can say, "Oh, religion is the antiquity, imprisoned in its own past." When I say religion, some Xians would say that their beliefs are not part of religion, it is way of life. Boo hoo. Cut the crap. Xians, like Islam, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism, are classified as a religion.

But do I really hate the Xians? No, they are waste of my time. They only amuse me with their imaginative stories. Just look at JuneAnn LeFors, 'nuff said.



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