Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Time for Our Own?

Nothing New With Hearies! We always set up our own businesses, schools, clubs, magazines, newspapers and all that shit because the pricks outside of Deaf Community tend not to include us in many avenues. It does not surprise me at all that WEBLOGAWARDS is not inclusive to include Deaf bloggers in its annual awards. I say fuck 'em.

Let's set up our own -- 2005 DeafBlogAwards. You have until Sunday, December 11, 2005 to nominate any Deaf blog. I'll collect the nominations and make the poll where anyone can vote (once per day) starting on Monday the 12th. The voting shall end at midnight on Monday, Dec 19th.

If you want to set up something to categorize something like "Best Deaf Sports Blog", "Best Deaf Gay Blog" -- you guys can make suggestions to me via ridor9th@gmail.com. I'll figure out something. The winners shall get the design of something to attach on their blogs to brag that they are best at something else. How's that? Any feedbacks would be appreciated.

Oh, yes, you can nominate yourself.

See This? My Mom Did That: Mom loves to fish. I hate fishing. It wasted my time. She loves to fish then caught these dirty fishes then toss it back in James River. Mom tends to fish in the area that was pretty unsafe to start with, despite the fact that lots of people came to the particular area near City Point National Historical Park where two major rivers, Appomattox and James, meets.

Sensing that the area needs a safe waterfront for others to enjoy, Mom got in touch with the city. The city said that the property is owned by Petersburg National Battlefield Park. So she got in touch with the park that operated the Petersburg national Battlefield Park.

You know the b.s. drills. She also mentioned that anyone could get injured and sue the park for not doing something about the unsafe conditions in the area by the rivers. Apparently, the park service agreed with Mom and worked with the city to build a nice, cute waterfront. It is nice waterfront, really.

Mom is kinda proud of it. She said, "ME DID IT. ME WROTE THEM AND THEY DID IT. ABOUT TIME!"
The overview of Old City Point Waterfront Park



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