Thursday, December 01, 2005

12.1.05 Tidbits

Who is this woman? Her name was Miss Ann Jones. She used to teach middle school and junior school at VSDB in Earth Science. Why the school had her to teach Earth Science is beyond my comprehension, really.

She was one awful teacher.

Why? She was one Xian nut. But is it relevant to her professional status as a teacher? You bet it did. She refused to teach the basic stuff related to Earth Science. IN fact, she incessantly focused on fruits, vegetables, animals and the Bible. One time I asked about the textbook for Earth Science, she said no because it is evil. We need not to study that.

Ann went on a long period of ramblings about Adam & Eve and all that bullshit during the daily classes. Today, I realized that many teachers knew of her antics but did not do anything about it. She denied the students' opportunity to study Earth Science. Which is probably why I did not like Biology, Chemistry or Science to start with in high school and college because I could not understand the general idea of science. It was tarnished by this Xian nut!

When I heard of people, school agencies and others trying to put "Intelligent Design" in schools, I think of Miss Ann Jones. I just hope she burns in Hell for what she did to many students at VSDB! To deny their access to the appropriate education is travesty.

Ahola? Go to Special School! Earlier in the afternoon, I got an AOL IM from someone else who hated me with a passion just because I exposed what kind of nut he is -- Marb(t)y Bonales. Know what he said?


I could not resist shooting him down, "Go back to elementary school or even better, special school, Marby. It is not ahola, it is Aloha, dumbfuck!"

Here is what he responded back: "NO MATTER WHAT! DEAF CULTURE -- ASL! ASL! MY RIGHT! YOU PITIFUL!"

Ahh, who is being very pitiful here? This guy needs to get a life of his own.

Taipei 101 Causes Earthquakes?: This is interesting tidbit. In Taipei, the site of 2009 Deaflympics, there has been more earthquakes after they built Taipei 101, the world's tallest skyscraper at 1,671 feet high. The article said that the pressures that Taipei 101 has on the ground level has opened an ancient fault line.

Marvelous Considering The Fact ...: Argentina is infested with millions of people who are Catholic. AS many of you knew that the Catholic Church is firmly against the safe sex methods. And Buenos Aires did something that not even the District of Columbia would have allowed in the first place. Bravo to Buenos Aires!

Killer Squirrels? Now this is intriguing.

Boycott Jamaica! We need to exert some kind of pressures on travel agencies to boycott Jamaica because this nation is hostile towards gay people. IN fact, it has one famous reggae singer whose lyrics encourage in slaying gays. It was linked to several incidents in the United Kingdom and several in Jamaica. And we should encourage people not to go to Jamaica for Spring Break vacations. Fuck 'em.

Smart People Do Have Sex: At the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, there was a controversy about this guy who took the picture of a couple fucking right next to the building and shared it with everyone else. The school thought that this guy did was a form of harassment, and not only that the student used the school's server to run the pictures, thus violating the University rules. But many people disagreed and Penn recently dropped the charges against the Engineering junior. Next time, close the curtains, stud and slut!



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