Saturday, December 31, 2005

Reflections on 2005

In a year where the natural disasters seemed to make its statement on us all with the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Pakistani Earthquake which claimed more than 275,000 inhabitants all across the world, the 2005 is probably the year that many people probably wished it never existed. By golly, I'm surprised GW Bush did not declare the mother nature as a bona-fide terrorist.

Other than the natural disasters, 2005 was the year when Pope John Paul II finally croaked, a new evil Pope emerged: Benedict XVI. We have yet to see the Enron officials being judged by their peers in a court for their actions in 2001 (FOUR YEARS AGO!), whereas we already judged Martha Stewart in a swift manner. Why? Because the Enron officials are men, Martha is a woman.

Nothing pissed the Conservatives, Republicans and Xians more than the gay marriage itself -- many states went on to ban the gay marriage but there is always that hope at the end of the tunnel, Massachusetts is the only state that permits the gay marriage. Connecticut and Vermont are permitting the civil unions. Up north in Canada, it is legal to marry the same sex. Meanwhile, Spain rejected the Catholic Church's objections in permitting the gay marriage. Needless to say, Elton John married David Furnish in the United Kingdom where they approved the civil unions, much to the Xians' chagrin. More countries are starting to stretch their arms and legs and tell the Churches to mind their own businesses. By itself, it is hope unto all.

In London's Underground, the terrorists bombed the trains just like the ones in Madrid, Spain. We should expect more of that in 2006.

Among the good news out of 2005 was few: Baylor Lady Bears was the first team other than Connecticut and Tennessee in many years to win the 2005 College's Women Basketball National Championship when they routed Michigan State, 84-62.

2005 Deaflympics in Melbourne, Australia was so successful that the CISS President Dr. Donalda Ammons said that the Australian officials organized the best event in its history of Deaflympics. Congratulations, Aussies!

Desperate Housewives is still going strong in 2005. Its writers and director are gay. Makes sense. Goes on to tell how much talent the gay men has in comparison with straight men.

What about me? It is all up and down, really. I went to Las Vegas and Toronto last summertime. It was good to see Adrian in Toronto. At least, we made up for what we lost in time. I moved to Philadelphia from New York. It was quite a mistake, after all. I certainly miss New York. In time, I'd like to go back to New York eventually. But first things first, I gotta take care of myself one at a time. Yeah, I had been working out for the last two months, the results are trickling out. But it is too preliminary for me to say anything, really.

What is my plan for 2006? Of course, I aim to look good, look healthy and dream big of certain things. I'm going to keep it simple and sweet because the higher expectations, I get dismayed and discouraged. I rather to keep it simple and sweet.

To friends (Deaf and hearing alike) and readers who has been good to me, everyone else and so on, I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that 2006 brings the best out of each other.

As for the detractors and pessimistic Xians and Conservatives, I do hope ill towards your kind. Before you step back and be offended with what I say -- remember, I do not care much about yourselves, so it is much easier for me to wish ill upon your souls. Begone!



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