Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Long Day, That Is For Sure

Today will be interesting day for me.

At 1 PM, I get to pick up the votes on some polls and turn it over to a friend of mine to tally and finalize everything before announcing the winners tonight or tomorrow for 2005 Deaf Blog Awards.

At 2 PM, it is time for another daily workout! One gal called me via the videophone last night -- she said she noticed some minor changes in me. But I cannot notice a thing. I can feel my hardened arms and I can feel the trapezius muscle doing its works. It is nice, but I have a long way to go. In a long time, I hope to look like this menace guy on your right. Gorgeous but evil. Gorgeous but melancholy!

At 6 PM, I meet Wendy for a dinner in Downtown at Captain Ale House. I hadn't seen her in months. It should be nice to see her once again.

My Dad complained that I used this blog to share with everyone else across the world, he apparently felt that I was ignoring the Deaf Virginians. Well, he is right to a certain extent, I find Deaf Virginians to be extremely boring. I try to be nice and cordial at all times, but their repeated conversations made me roll my eyes.

There is more to life than to listen to these squabbles, really. I do not care whether if Mary died or not, whether if John was dumped by Patricia for another guy, whether if Wesley is in the jail for peddling ABCs cards, whether if Joshua's son is gay! Oh, that part, I might care a little. But let's be serious. If they are interested in these local squabbles, good for them. But certainly not for me. Somewhat, Dad rationalized that by ignoring the locals, I'm being condescending towards all.

"I REMEMBER YOU KID -- SO BIG NOW!" These choruses of Deaf locals telling me what they remembered of me as a kid is ... practically tiresome. Sometimes I smiled and said, "I REMEMBER YOU SO YOUNG -- SO OLD NOW!" You should see them grimace a little when I say that.

Anyway, I told him that my blog is my own. I share whatever I think, feel or knew with my life. I will touch the subjects that seems to interest me, me and me only. These Deaf grassroots can wait, eventually. I mean, they will be always there, whether you like it or not. Dad seems to resent the fact that I have interesting friends, for some reasons. He has his own friends, why can't I?

Sometimes, I felt my parents wanted me to be someone else that they can brag to the Deaf locals. But I refused to, I even objected to the comments that they attempted to distribute to the community about my life. They wanted me to be the 'puppet' of some sorts in their community for some show and tell sessions.

I'm not interested in that. Leave me be. My life is my own. They may inadvertently fucked each other and produced me, but my life is my own. Let me be me. When I said no, you respect that.

It will take years for my parents to figure that out.


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