Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here Is Deaf Polyamorist!

"You cannot have a strong and beautiful flower unless you have a complete set of petals attached to it."

This was uttered to my female friend from Deaf Polyamorist John "Raven" Schuchmaher trying to convince my female friend to be one of many relationships. He has a wife, Sharon knew that he wanted several more to be part of his "harem". It was said, that Sharon is cool with it.

Who is he? A picture of John "Raven" Schuchmaher eluded me at this point, however he is currently student at Gallaudet, a junior majoring in ASL and Deaf Studies. He also worked as substitute Staff Resident Advisor for some dorms. Since I do not know him at all, one female friend described him as "someone in his 40s with silver hair, wears glasses and is overweight with a huge double chin. Can recognize him by wearing these yuppie dyed t-shirts."

One female student said, "He drives me nuts. He's always trying to lure me in his world. Always talking about sex. Finally I blew up and I told him he is forbidden to talk about sex with me. He uses spirituality and new age to lure in young girls."

Apparently, it was an open secret at Gallaudet as John actively searches for women to be part of his "harem". Someone said that since he is aware that it is not legal to marry more than one, it does not mean that he can not have relationships with women. Someone said that he already has 3 or 4 women and he is still looking for more.

My female friend smirked, "It was amusing to see that he wanted me. He went on to explain the benefits of being in relationship with him. I could not see myself doing that at all. He was quite persuasive, though."

Not only that, Jim Berke also wrote an article about him on his, and John also maintained a website promoting the Deaf Polyamory Life.

Interesting. I'm not sure what to say about this except that I do question John's claims that "there are MANY MANY of us who support polyamory and sometimes actually PRACTICE it."

I dearly doubt that statement, John.



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