Monday, December 19, 2005

12.19.05 Tidbits

Anyone Else?? Anyone who had bad experiences of dealing with Dr. Jane K. Fernandes can submit their stories to me via the e-mail at Why do I need this? We need to document the evidences that Dr. Jane K. Fernandes is not the suitable choice to replace Dr. I. K. Jordan as the next President of Gallaudet University.

Suicidal Cat: My sister, Lily, has a white, puffy cat that seems to be suicidal these days. She sat on the middle of the road -- I had to yell at her to get off the road each time I visited her place. She won't budge. I tried to scoop the car closer to her -- my sister said the cat is still next to the car -- then I slowly rolled by, she refused to move -- it took someone else to get out of the car to remove her around. Maybe she's tired of the Taylors' clan?

Elton John Should Not Turn It Down! It was such a mistake for Elton John and David Furnish to turn the offer from American media for 10 million dollars to cover their wedding. If it was showed, it'd make an impact on Americans' attitudes that the sky won't fall if gay marriage is legalized in this country!

The Rise of Darth Vader: I'm not a fan of Star Wars when it comes to novels. But last Friday night, I skimmed the Star Wars' novel about the rise of Darth Vader -- the period that happens right after the Revenge of Sith took place. I was hooked on it. I may end up buying it to indulge my thoughts.

GW Bush Is Amazing When It Comes To Compassion: GW Bush actually authorized the government to spy on us all when it comes to terrorism. Where is freedom of privacy? Please do not use this excuse to say that freedom comes with a price -- that is what Nazism is all about!

I watched 60 Minutes last night about this particular Muslim who had no ties to the radical Muslim organizations but that does not stop the CIA from abducting him and flew him to different places -- Afghanistan, Morrocco, Jordan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Macedonia and Egypt to torture him. The CIA agents also taunted him that he will never be found. Nobody will ever know that he existed because the CIA is going to make him nonexistant. But when the CIA made a mistake, they simply dumped him in Albania with hopes that he'll be killed by someone else.

My question is: Why? This is not freedom. This is not what the Americans are all about. Yes, the terrorists are monsters but again, so do ours. Please do not act surprised or shocked if someone decided to bomb the American city eventually. In fact, this particular victim was asked by his son who did this? The father responded, "Americans."

Of course, this will fan such hatred amongst the Muslim Youths. We gloat about our freedoms but do not care about theirs, even if they are in Spain, Italy or Germany. Condeleeza Rice refused to comment on this subject but she also mentioned that rendition is part of the "war on terrorism". By her translation, she was turning the accused ones to the countries to be tortured whereas she can say that the United States never engaged in any form of tortures but are willing to turn them over for few hours, days or months. It does not exonerate the United States from claiming that they do not torture, they knew these countries that did not ratify with the Geneva Convention on torture -- they were apostate for doing the rendition in the first place!

It was such a noble for GW Bush to admit the mistakes. It was so comical, really, for him to claim for months and suddenly, admitted that it's all based on a lie, really. Now, with the reports coming out that Dr. Germ of Baghdad, Rihab Taha, has been released from the prison with *no* charges (Where is the due process for all, remember GW Bush claimed to free Iraqis and to restore justice and peace to Iraq but continues to deny the due process for many!) at all. Rihab Taha was imprisoned for 2 years and suddenly, she is free.

Bush argued that Iraq "is the beginning of something new: constitutional democracy at the heart of the Middle East." If he wants to defend that, then act like one! Stop tortures, imprison people for years without any due process and spying on people. It ain't democracy at all.

Where Is Xians' Compassion? Thanks to Neil for telling me about this article. This is perfect example of Xians who claim to defend the "sacred marriage" from gays by destroying gay people's lives. It is amazing that Xians actually claimed that the current law will not "discriminate" gays, they claimed that it protects the marriage itself, not discriminating. It is shame, really.

Confidential to Kurzetard: Get a therapist. You really need one more than I thought.



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