Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tidbits and The New Banner

REMEMBER TO VOTE FOR BRAT BOY SCHOOL! All you have to do is to cast the vote for Brat Boy School on this link once per day. You can vote for him today, then tomorrow, then Monday until the 15th of December. Ethan of BratBoySchool was down by 150 votes behind FagPatriot, but he is now down by few votes. Good, it is time to push Ethan ahead of accursed FagPatriot and try to beat Pam's House of Blend.

Here Is Two For You! Some of you asked about The Boondocks via the emails to see what happened when the old men went to see Brokeback Mountain. Here are the last two comic strips. Enjoy!

Click on the image to enlarge

Click on the image to enlarge

Dykes on Bikes: You know the lezzies that rode the motorcycles at every gay pride marches, baring their breasts for the sun to glare and burn? In San Francisco, the lezzie group tried to apply for a patent to own the name at the US Patent office, it was denied because the office thought "dykes" were derogatory. But it was done by their own lesbians. So it was reversed recently. Well, they can call themselves Dykes for all I care. Hat tip to Carrie.

Shaq Is Now A Cop: According to this article, he is now the reserve police officer in Miami Beach. He helped to nab two persons who attacked a gay person few months ago. He has my respects. Again, hat tip to Carrie.

Richard Pryor Dead At 65: He died today at the age of 65. He had an illness, Multiple Scelerosis for many years. However, he was a great comedian, always spouting many filthy jokes that makes people cringe and laugh out loud. He once acted in a flick with Gene Wilder called See No Evil, Hear No Evil. He was blind, Gene was deaf. Gene was ineffective as deaf character, but Richard was effective as blind character. I guess, Satan needs a new comedian in Hell as JuneAnn LeFors would say!

Here Is The Banner! I'm working on opening a new blogsite that will cover the nominations and categories for Deaf Blog Awards. But here is the first banner -- many thanks to Jason Wittig for his contributions to the art! This is great! Whaddyathink?

For further information on 2005 Deaf Blog Awards, come back in few days. It'll fly off, I promise you on that.

How Am I? I worked out a lot this week. I feel much invigorated. Much better. Much healthy. Let's see ... I got hit on by not one but three guys in three days. What does it means? And tonight, I'm heading up to James River Boat Parade of Lights -- should be fun and interesting.



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