Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Long Live Mordru!

According to the advertisement before I get JSA #80 today reads like this:
The final battle between Mordru and Dr. Fate rages to its shocking conclusion through the worlds of Kingdom Come and JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NAIL! Plus, the Thunderbolt vs. Jakeem to decide the ultimate fate of the Fifth Dimension! After this issue, two members of the JSA will never be seen again!

Today, I got JSA #80, I was rather disappointed. I was expecting to see the anticlimatic battle between Mordru and Nabu. But only 7 fucking pages were devoted to the battles. That really pissed me off.

Two members of the JSA will be never seen again -- Hector and Lyta. Who the fuck cares, though!

I care about Mordru whipping Nabu, Mordru was overwhelming Nabu and was winning before Jakeem intervened. Of course, with Johnny Thunder's help, Mordru was teleported somewhere away for a long time.

I suspect that it was the "final" battle between Mordru and Nabu but certainly not the final battle between Mordru and the members of JSA. Perhaps by JSA #100, Mordru will returm and resume the drama. As always.

Again, Mordru rocks!

Read the dialogue -- you can see why Mordru makes me chuckle -- his comments are so cool.

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Ahh, I cannot help but to love this villain. He'd kill your favorite characters anyday! And the best part is that he cannot die nor lose, only you can do is to bury him alive or to send him away. That is the only option you have. Bwahahaha!



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