Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Once Again, WEBLOGAWARDS Is Not Credible

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WEBLOGAWARDS For Whom? Hearies Only! Last year, I asked Kevin who operated the WEBLOGAWARDS website to include the Best Deaf Blog Award because the numbers of Deaf bloggers are growing at an alarming rate. No response from Kevin at all. This year, they announced the list of Best Who's Who on its website. Again, no Best Deaf Blog category at all.

They included the Best GLBT Blog, the Best Conservative Blog, the Best Liberal Blog, the Best Culture/Gossip Blog ... if you observe its listings, most of the listings are done by conservatives. Which means they are not inclusive. This year, I emailed Kevin directly and asked him why.

Here is his response that really pissed me off and it should piss you, the Deaf readers, off.
Nor do we include awards for pet bloggers, music blogs, autism blogs, porn blogs, etc. I'll tell you what I told them. If you're so pissed off about not being included do something about it - start your own awards.

I get about 1,000 e-mails a day, of which I respond to very few.

There's your response.
What does it means? He actually categorized us in the same category with these "pet bloggers, music blogs, autism blogs, porn blogs, etc."

Kevin actually named the Best GLBT Blog -- it is not EVEN a culture. It is just a fucking subculture. Deaf Culture has its own language, therefore is a culture. Gay does not mean they have its culture, it is called a subculture.

They even had "Best Military Blog" and "Best Sports Blog"! I guess they are important and better than "Best Deaf Blog"! Even worse, they have "Best Podcast Blog"!!!

As always, Hearies, especially with the conservative pigs, tend to reject the inclusiveness while demanding us to tolerate them and their antics. One cannot have this at this game. Why do you think many Deaf people do not want to mix with hearies? This is good example.

Needless to say, I went on to retaliate back and Kevin ran to his website to post what I said. Kevin, you are typical hearie pig. That's why you had the donation box -- desperate for attention and hits in order to make money.

The Boondocks Saga Continues!
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Very true. Hat tip to Dylan Westbury once again.

Check This Out: Here is the link to Ryan Commerson's interview. Who is Ryan Commerson? He is the one who staged the Hunger Strike in Flint, Michigan to force the Michigan Deaf School to do something about the language deprivation. Hat tip to Delanne Woodall for the link.

Rapper Foxy Brown Now Deaf, Hearies Abandoned Her! What else is new? Dear Foxy Brown, get used to it. They are like that. Always had, always has been and always will be like that. You either get used to it or get ... dust.

Confidential to RT101: I'm so flattered you dedicated a website to smear who I am. You claim to be the Truthseeker whereas many of your information are false. 2.3 GPA?! That is hilarious. I am better than that. Keep going, you're amusing me with your fairy tales. Either way, whatever I do will continue to enrage you, coward. And I thrive on it.



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