Thursday, December 08, 2005


Interesting Article: The article questioned whether if GW Bush is hard of hearing or not. Since he's not listening to anything worthwhile ...

Hat tip to TheGabe.

Mann Coulter Should Be Maimed: In Storrs, Connecticut -- the hecklers interrupted the bitch conservative pig, Ann Coulter from speaking so much hate to the student body at the University of Connecticut. One student asked Ann if she learned that her own child is gay, know what she responded? "Did you know that you were adopted?" Tasteless. Stupid. And Ann complained that the Liberals disrupted the speech, "I love to engage in repartee with people that are a lot stupider than I am," -- but wait a minute, who was stupid about gay thing? Of course, that bitch.

Brokeback Mountain: The raves continue to pile on the film. I am so desperate to check it out. I am curious to see what kind of reaction from the heterosexual community regarding the film. And it premieres in Wyoming on Saturday in Jackson Hole, my favorite town in the USA.

Another panel of The Boondocks today from Dylan Westbury. Gee, can't wait to see how they reacted when they saw the film!

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Irony Rules California: In California, Tookie Williams, the founder of the LA Crips gang, is scheduled to be executed next week. It was said that his group was the responsible in the killing of Tupac Shakur some years ago. Since then, Tookie has renounced the gang, learned how to read and write as well. The only person that can save his life is Governor Schwarzenegger, whose made fame and money in killing people in his movies.

Xians Claims To Be Tolerant But Are Really Intolerant In Topeka, Kansas -- where the Xians pressured the state to accept and insert the teachings of "intelligent design" in schools across the state, much to the objections of educators and others. One professor at the University of Kansas wrote an email that teaching a course about intelligent design as mythology in religious courses would be a nice fat slap in their faces.

Then few days later, the same professor were stalked and beaten by Xian thugs. Another reason not to tolerate them at all costs. Fuck them.



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