Saturday, December 17, 2005

Say No to Fernie!

I have created a petition as a way to get the message to the Board of Trustees at Gallaudet University because the rumors persisted that Dr. Jane K. Fernandes was expected to be the next President of Gallaudet University.

By itself, it does more harm than good to the welfare of Gallaudet Community. Dr. Fernandes has not set up a good relationship with faculty, staff, students and alumni. She created a lot of bitter resentments amongst the groups at Gallaudet. I heard the stories about how she has done to students, parents and staff at Hawai'i and in DC.

And in the last few years, Dr. Fernandes has done almost nothing but treat the student body with contempt. She and Paul Kelly has done nothing to improve the Department of Public Safety's communication access. It is well known amongst the faculty and staff that Dr. Fernandes is the puppet of Dr. Jordan's team of "Yes-sayers".

I acknowledge the changes that Dr. Jordan has done for the University, it is time for a fresh start. A fresh perspective to energize the Deaf Community and usher Gallaudet University into a new era.

How can you help this out? By signing the petition online to let the Board of Trustees that Dr. Jane K. Fernandes is not the right candidate for Gallaudet University!

Here is the link and be sure to spread the word around the world since Gallaudet affects practically everyone who is Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing!



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