Thursday, December 15, 2005

What About Facundo Montenegro?

It was reported to me today that Facundo Montenegro, MFA -- he used to be the adjunct professor at the Department of Television, Film and Photography at Gallaudet, now the whole department is shuffled into something else -- has died of Lung Cancer.

This was a certain surprise for me and it may break few's hearts like Ryan Commerson and Allison Aubrecht -- in fact, it was he who inspired them to do something about the audism that occurs at Gallaudet and beyond Gallaudet. Despite the fact that he can hear, he was the instrumental figure that pushed for the production of Audism Unveiled.

I never took classes under Facundo Montenegro. From what I knew, he was quite popular figure with his students. But yes, Facundo and I talked once in a while. In fact, there was this legendary tale that a certain fellow caused me, Helmuth Boy and Jacques Girl to score one of the most embarrassing moments in our lives.

What happened is that there was a subtitled film sponsored by Reel Affirmations at Lincoln Theater. It was sold out. Helmuth Boy was determined to get in, one way or other. We met a well-known local boy by the name of Robert Mason who led us to someone who works within the theater.

Some miscommunication occurred from that point, the guy pulled me, Jacques Girl and Helmuth Boy into the theater -- led us to the backstage, told us to wait as we watched the seats being filled up to 1,500. Among the 1,500 was Facundo Montenegro.

Suddenly, this fellow who runs the theater pushed me, Helmuth Boy and Jacques Girl onto the stage in front of 1,500 spectators to give few words about the film. I realized at that point, this fellow thought we were some kind of contributors that financed this fucking film.

I stammered. Helmuth Boy smiled and said, "HELLO! MY NAME IS MARK HELMUTH AND I HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY THE FILM!" to the audience without an interpreter. Then he raised his hands to wave as in applauding -- then 3,000 hands waved back at us. I stammered like Hell. Jacques Girl crept back into the backstage. Suffice to say, I nearly pissed in my pants.

Apparently this fellow who runs the theater realized that something did not transpire well, he turned the stage floor off. After the lights glared on our eyes, it was all pitch black. Needless to say, Mark fell off the stage by accident. I had to vamoose to the bathroom because I was laughing hysterically and crying so hard.

Few friends of mine, including Erin Wilkinson, was in the balcony area when they saw us on the stage and could not believe it. In fact, one of our hearing friends heard my voice via the microphone -- then he turned to see me on the stage, he was horrified and baffled to understand why I'm there onstage. I was the closest to the microphone. I stammered.

The next day, Facundo Montenegro caught me at Ely Center and said, "What the heck were you doing on the stage last night?!"

I told him all about it. He smiled like Hell.

Bon voyage, Facundo!



P.S. Check for Jenna Bush's thingie (Not Safe at work). Bleargh.

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