Sunday, December 11, 2005

12.11.05 Tidbits

Vote for Brat Boy School! Remember the vote occurs once per day! As of Sunday the 11th, My only endorsement, Ethan of Brat Boy School, has taken GayPatriot's place and is now leading as many as 50 votes. If we keep on doing this, he can shock Pam's House Blend who is leading more than 240 votes -- we have 4 days left to do that. Do your part by voting for Brat Boy School on this website.

Dr. I. King Jordan Ain't The Only One
: Dr. Elizabeth, who is the current President of Southern Oregon University, will be retired on August 31, 2006. Many of you may remember Dr. Zinser as the first woman to be the President of Gallaudet University and the only President that never stepped on Gallaudet campus. She resigned only after 7 days of an uproar at Gallaudet which we knew as Deaf President Now Movement. Hat tip goes to Gabe. On his blog, there are links to the articles. Check it out.

Well, At First ...: At first, I laughed then thought about this particular article. This is fake article, just like The Onion -- how? Check the facts -- "Still UCSD's only humor newspaper." on the top of the webpage. But words to describe deaf people's sounds are not amusing. I think it is offensive, really. In fact, I think I will be cautious about how I moan when I am around hearing persons! Gee, thanks a lot for making me conscious of my fucking deafie voice. What do you think? Hat tip goes to Deaf258.

RimJob of DailyKos At It Again: Many hearing people continues to wonder in amazement that not many Deaf people are interested in hearing the sounds. I do not give a crap if a bird could tweet or bark. I simply do not have the desire to hear music or shit, but sometimes I wish I could eavesdrop what one is being said to the other on the subway.

Read what RimJob wrote on DailyKos:
I just don't get the "Fat Acceptance" people. It sort of reminds me of the segment of the Deaf community that objects to Cochlear Implants. There are norms to the Human condition. Should people be made fun of if they don't fit that norm? Absolutely not, but it's illogical to argue that a feature that is defective or unhealthy IS normal. Saying that there is nothing wrong with being 300 pounds or not being able to hear, is just distrubing to me. Hearing, and not having a coronary because of being grossly overweight are pretty standard.
He was talking about the obese problem and attempted to compare it with people who do not want cochlear implants. Jesus Christ -- i want to slap that boy and tell him, want me to put it on your head and tell me if he likes it! Some deaf people are so desperate to get implants because they want to hear or fit in. That is their right. I have no qualms about it. But to whine that we all should have it just because it will enable us to hear "sounds" is silly, really!

Hearies! Can't live with them. Can't live without them. Hat tip to Deaf258 for the link.

You Know What They Say About Chinese ...: According to this article, China is having the Sex Revolution -- people are fucking like rabbits. Of course, there are consequences to that. C'est la vie! I once fucked a Chinese -- ahh, never mind.

James River Parade of Lights: Last night, I went to Richmond to be part of its James River Parade of Lights -- it was interesting and nice event. About 1,000 spectators were on hand to watch 13 boats filled with lights all over as they flowed down the James River with three police boats escorting them. It was somber event.

I just learned that there is another Chinatown Bus Service from Richmond to New York other than, I was thrilled because this one provides better schedule than the -- it is Yahoo. At least, there are several options to get back to the City.

The Shockoe Bottom in Downtown Richmond reeks of DC's Georgetown or Philadelphia's South Street. It is nice and cute. They are still debating about putting a minor league baseball stadium in that area -- if it should happen, it'll help the area just like Baltimore's Camden Yard did to the city.

Another Sister Fell For Blogging: My sister, Lily, has succumbed to the blogging fever. She is not profilic with English but she excels in Art. She is adding her artworks on it -- very amusing. You can find her link on the family section.

Oh, By The Way, Here Is Your Body! At the courtesy of GW Bush and Pentagon, here is your son's body -- via the freight. Did not surprise me at all.



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