Saturday, December 24, 2005

Few Words From The Great One

Image hosted by Photobucket.comGreetings!

Happy Holidays to ye all!

Instead of using these crappy holiday pictures, I chose Mordru to represent the Holidays. After all, he rocks!

I hate the X-Mas Weekend! The gym is closed until Monday! I do not like it! My arms are totally solid. Now I want the upper arms to grow to a point where I can brag a little. After all, when everything is done, I deserved to brag a little, do I?

The trainer warned me that the "guts" will be the last to go. I understand completely -- right now, my legs are mildly solid -- needs few more weeks to shed fat out of it. My ass is really sore from whatmacallit machine that works on muscles inside the ass. Each time I try to sit, I go "Ow ow ow!" Pain is exhilarating. Where is the vicodin when you need one?

Perhaps, in time, my body might look like Mordru on your right. Perhaps, I should tattoo my face like him as well. Nah. In other life, I might. But certainly not this one.

Oh, by the way, last night, a former porn star gave me his phone number and said to call him -- that I was cute. I wonder why is that people said that I'm hideous and there are other people who said that I'm so cute. Well, can't satisfy all, though.

Since It is Christmas Eve: My parents' hometown is very small. So basically with the gym closed, there is practically nothing to do than to watch television. I heard a lot about MTV's Laguna Beach. One thing that I cannot stand the show is that in every sentence, they had to say "like" one too many times. It gets on my nerves.

Another One On The List: Among the films that I wanted to see on big screen are: King Kong, Brokeback Mountain and The Ringer! Johnny Knoxville is so fucking hot. I'd do him in a second! I just saw the advertisement of The Ringer -- hysterical.

Shameless Promotion: Vote for me on 2005 Deaf Blog Awards in three categories. You can vote once every 24 hours until Tuesday at 1 PM. If you do so, I may mention about the encounter I had from!

Facundo's Friends: The death of Facundo Montenegro, a former Adjunct Professor at Gallaudet, was certainly sad and it was refreshing to learn that there is a blog dedicated to him. Check this link.

A Simple Question: Why did not this guy, Steven DeBottis, use the teleprompter? In my opinion, he just made a HUGE fool of himself on the local TV news in Rochester, NY. Plus, let's be serious, he's not attractive. Put Manny or Alex Abenchuchan on, the world will check 'em out eventually. Hat tip to Svetie.



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