Tuesday, December 06, 2005

12.7.05 Tidbits

Barry Strassler Is Crybaby! A certain friend of mine told me that he emailed Barry Strassler after reading the comment about the Deaf Prep 11-Men Football National Championship, which Maryland was named as the winner. My friend jokingly asked Barry if he was on the MSD payroll since no player from California School for the Deaf-Riverside was named on All-American First Team or Second Team. The Defensive and Offensive Player of the Year goes to Maryland, despite the fact that CSD-R went through the season unbeaten and lost in the first round of some state tournament.

By that, my friend told Barry that he was a disgrace for doing that. Guess what Barry Strassler did to my friend? He banned my friend from getting DeafDigest and DeafSportZine mailing list!

Barry Strassler is indeed a crybaby.

Cool advertisement! This is stunning!

Hat tip to Merritt. Thanks!

Here Is Zorro! You thought it was Antonio Banderas, really?

See Something Interesting? Try to find the image that is part of our lives, really. And I'm bit amused. I'm not sure what to say of this image. Check this out. Hat tip goes to PJ.

Who is RT101? My sources are pouring in. I believe I knew who this person is. At least, let me tell you which websites he surfed lately -- www.kinkycobbler.com -- how kinky is that? I am getting to you, coward. When time do occurs, the shit will hit the fan. Just watch me.

DeafSurvivors? McWeenie sets up a blog right after Hurricane Katrina bulldozed the city of New Orleans. And guess what? The blogsite is dead. And Whale Fatterson is still complaining and reading my blog these days. Of course, I am amused.

List of 2005 DeafBlogAwards: Here is the tentative list of categories to pass it out. I think we might need 5 blogs to nominate for each category.

Best Blog
Funniest Blog
Best BiPolar Blog
Most Powerful Blog
Best Stupid Hearie Blog
Best Narcissistic Blog
Best Hot/Cold Blog
Best Geek Blog
Best Creative Blog
Best Thoughtful Blog
Best Conservative Blog
Best Liberal Blog

Anything else to add? You have the time to add the ideas until Sunday.

Pearl Harbor Thing: Many of us wanted to remember the "travesty" that occurred at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It was considered to be the 'day that will live in infamy'. If you look at the history of what was happening in Hawai'i prior to the destruction of Pearl Harbor, maybe the actions were justified.

After all, we stole the islands from the original inhabitants. And trampled their rights. I wrote about this a while ago. Read and weep and don't try to make us look good while we were not in the first place. Maybe we deserved to be bombed on that day.



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