Saturday, March 14, 2015

ESPN's I Hate Christian Laettner

First of all, I'm a hard core fan of Virginia Cavaliers.  Always had, has and will be.

But when I was in high school, I admitted that I had a little crush on Christian Laettner.  Back in his high school days in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York - he was recruited by every Division I school. But he narrowed down to 3:  Duke, North Carolina & Virginia.

He chose Duke and led Duke to four Final Four appearances including the National Champions. He is famous for hitting the winning basket at the buzzer to beat Kentucky, 104-103 in overtime.

He will be featured on ESPN's show named 30 for 30, "I Hate Christian Laettner".  I'm not sure if I plan to watch that episode because I will watch The Walking Dead.

However, I stumbled upon this post by a fan of Virginia Cavaliers on a message board whom he talked about his sons & his encounter with  Christian Laettner at a local gas station in Durham, NC.  Read what he has to say about Christian.  Very classy.

Christian, you are an idiot.



* * *

'Christian' Laettner -- When this turd was playing at Duke, I pulled up to get gas at a station on Roxboro Rd, in Durham NC -- 

I had spent a really nice Saturday afternoon playing BB with both my sons, ages 7, 9 -- at a nice outdoor court on Hamlin Rd near our home.

When I was inside the store, a car pulled up, and the guy behind the counter said "hey that's Laettner"-- His dad said " make sure he pays ..." --

Everyone laughs, including me. BUT I stand around to watch the dude pumps his gas and then floats around the car (Brian Davis was in the passenger seat).

I step outside the store - Now my sons recognize the guy - They are standing in the back of my Blazer with the window down , all excited - The oldest says -"Hey Dad It's Christian Laettner!!!!!" - The youngest is jumping up and down - The oldest says "Can he sign my ball daddy?!!"

I said "ok boys -- ask him and he will I'm sure" --

Standing there - with my two sons all excited to see a 'star' ---- imagine how they felt to see 'Christian' Laettner -- or hear him -- Literally point to my UVA bumper sticker - and get in his dumbassed convertible with his Brian Davis boy - and flip my little boys the bird and yell "Fuck Virginia" as he drove off without paying for the gas.

POS is what he is.

I will never ever respect Duke because of this ass.

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