Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Open Letter to Malcolm Peters & Kappa Gamma fraternity

Hello Malcolm Peters,
You might be surprised to get this email but you knew what happened in 1992. You were in Kappa Gamma fraternity. I was summoned to the interview in KG's basement chapter in Krug Hall. I was wearing a nice suit which I bought for $105 when I was a senior in HS from my savings. I clearly remembered YOU and Karl Ewan put the blindfold on my eyes and had me go around in circles inside your chapter.
When you took the blindfold off from my eyes, the interview began at that time. I can feel the heat on my left shoulder and on my right shoulder and I can feel that there are some kind of lights right there between my head. And I can feel something being poured on my suit - but I was focused on the interview which did not go very well.
After I finished the interview, you and Karl pulled me out and apologized profusely after I realized that your frat brothers spilled the fucking candle wax on my suit. It was not an accident, you deliberately allowed others to pour the candle wax.
I distinctly remembered you telling me not to report this to Campus Activities and you said I can take the suit to the dry cleaner to clean it up. I remembered Karl Ewan urging me to heed your advice. I caved in to your persistent requests so I went to the dry cleaner - they told me that it is no good - candle wax will leave the stains permanently on my suit. So in other words, the Kappa Gamma fraternity ruined my 2 years old suit at that time.
I should have ignored and reported you and your fraternity to the Campus Activities about what you freaks did to me and my suit. At that time, I was upset that I lost it but at the time, I did not want to jeopardize my chances by reporting this incident - You have to understand one thing, it was my first suit that I personally bought for $105.00 on MY OWN.
I would like to know why did you freaks do that to me (and more likely, the others)? The candles placed between my head during the interview, why? To play, to mock, to taunt? It was not an accident like you claimed it to be. If it was a small stain, I would understand. But BOTH SHOULDERS WERE COVERED WITH CANDLE WAX!! It means what? Some one of you deliberately poured it on my shoulders.
And Malcolm Peters, it is disturbing that you are a teacher at ISD. You and your fraternity needs to be accountable for what you did to me and my suit. And yes, Malcolm, I'm going to post this on my blog, my wall & Deaf Thought Police.
I remembered the ones who interviewed in front of me: Alan Amann, Brian Bippus & John Hencker.
And now, I want you or others to come forward and tell me WHO did do this to me during the fucking interview back in 1992. I don't care if this incident was 23 years ago, you and others still owed me the answers as well as $105.
Now, why did I mention this today? Because someone asked me if it was true that I did have an interview with Kappa Gamma fraternity when I was at Gallaudet, the memories quickly flooded my mind and I did not realize that I suppressed & buried the incident until today.
You're now a teacher at IndianaSD, if you have any values, you will tell me who did do this and be accountable along with your fraternity!!!

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