Saturday, February 08, 2020

OAD Fiasco Continues

Today, there was a town hall meeting in Cleveland which runs by Verne E. Taylor Jr who boasted that he remained to be the President of Ohio Association of the Deaf.
There are plenty of paper trails that clearly showed that Verne E Taylor Jr.and Linda Mahmood embezzled as much as $227,133.  According to the submitted report, Verne embezzled the total of $157,133.  The amount accured the loss of estimated $70,000 by mismanagement of investments.
Also, in order to conceal his criminal activities, he took his Deaf mother, Libby Pollard out of Columbus Colony Elderly Care into a local nursing home surrounded by hearing peers in Cleveland in his attempt to isolate her away from the public at large from finding out that his son embezzled. 
Libby Pollard was two-term NAD President from 1998 to 2002. 
Today at the town hall meeting, he claimed that the wifi service was down but others said he ordered others to silence down as he decided to appoint Lottie Joire Cassese as Vice President, Casey Ring as Treasurer and Linda Gray as Secretary. These people are the "clowns" appointed by Verne trying to take OAD back. 
To make things comical, Dawn Watts, the local Deaf leader and good friend of Verne proclaimed that she stands with Verne despite the fact that there is sufficient evidence that clearly showed Verne embezzling in the last 10 years up to $227,133.

Verne and Linda used to be an item back in high school days which explained why she enabled his embezzling habits.  Not only that, Lottie is Verne's cousin - Lottie's aunt married Verne's father.
In fact, they can't access to the OAD website, accounts, Facebook pages and so on because it is in the hands of legitimate elected group, not Verne and his clowns.
This is shameful period in the history of Ohio Deaf Community. 

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