Monday, February 03, 2020

It Is OAD Members' Business!

In this 12-page damning report provided by Ohio Association of the Deaf (OAD)'s Financial Review Committee on February 1, 2020, it has found Verne Taylor Jr and Linda Mahmood to be responsible for the embezzlement of a little more than $227,000.

Most of them were embezzled by President Verne Taylor Jr while Treasurer Linda Mahmood protected his actions against the Board Members and others for questioning the lack of transparence with the fund disclosures.  Linda is well known for shooting back, "It is none of your business." to anyone who questioned about anything related to the finances.

Because they embezzled so much for more than 7 years, Linda and Verne deliberately allowed the non-profit organization status to lapse because they knew if they fill out the information, IRS would raise the red flags on discrepancies of these funds.

With this information provided by the OAD'S FRC, OAD should seek the law enforcement authorities to pursue the criminal report against these two individuals for damaging OAD.

OAD had played a big role in creating the richest history with the NAD and its Deaf Community.  With Verne and Linda leading the statewide organization, both has took its proud organization to its ruins in less than 10 years.  Verne mostly used OAD's money to finance his personal needs including his passion with the motorcycles.

Verne is the son of former NAD President Libby Pollard.  And Verne is not related to the author of this article.




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