Thursday, March 17, 2016

This Is My Domain

This is very interesting.  I produced and released the 63-minute vlog on YouTube talking about oppression, racism, privileges and community accountability. I released on Twitter. It is still there. I also released it on my Facebook wall as well as posting on Facebook's popular group, Deaf Thought Police.

In my vlog, I explained that these hypocritical oppressive tactics has always came from six Deaf schools, their parents with college education, heterosexual and white families. I posted it, I got roughly more than 50 emails and private messages thanking me for making this vlog. They did not want to leave a comment because they were ... afraid of retaliation.

Not me, but when I posted my vlog on my Facebook wall, it was immediately removed. I posted it on my group (which I run along with other Admins), someone from Facebook took it down. I know the only one that will not be removed - YouTube, this blog and Twitter.

Because of their attempts to silence me, I have decided to wage the purge on individuals involved with six Deaf schools, Kappa Gamma, Phi Kappa Zeta and the ones that you always saw going around as if they are smart than the rest.

Since the others tried to silence me, I'm going to make a transcript so that hearing people outside of Deaf Communities will see what is real inside our communities.

I don't lose easily, by trying to silence me by reporting the lies to fool Facebook or others, I should warn you, there is no way for you to win this battle, I own this battle, not you!

Here is the vlog that many people wanted to silence and remove and I will provide a transcript on this vlog, people.

All About Racism & Privileges



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