Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Dawn Is Lying As Usual.

Someone told me that Dawn Schriver posted a rant on her wall acting like a victim more than anything else.  She claimed that I made $400 from January 17, 2013 vlog on my channel.  She was lying.  When she lied, it made my job much easier to prove the facts.  Look at my Google AdSense.  The so-called vlog that Dawn made was on January 17, 2013. Look at the money I produced in the next two weeks. It is not that much. Only less than $120.

The earning reports are on the last column on your right.

Dawn, where did I make $400 out of this?  Here is another statement on AdSense.

December, 2012 - January, 2013

January 2013 - February, 2013

As you can see, I earned $106.00 in January 2013 for my vlogs prior to December 31, 2012.  The second image shows that I earned $156.00 in February, 2013 for my vlogs between January 1, 2013 to January 30, 2013.  Where is $400?  Dawn, where the fuck is $400 that you claimed you saw me making from?

Oh, I did not donate, Dawn? 
Dawn Schriver, probably still butthurting when I chose not to acknowledge her existence last Friday evening at someone's graduation party, claimed that I never made a donation to Sabrina Blount. I had to laugh out loud. In fact, I was one of the first 25 people who donated to Sabrina Blount ... a month ago.  Not only that, I also gave two $5 bills into the jar at Dingo hosted by Baltimore Metropolitan of Silent Oriole Club which totaled $101.28.  Tracey Milo and SOC President Nancy Long Billingslea can vouch that we raised the amount for Sabrina Blount.

Let it be known that I did make contributions to Sabrina Blount as well as helping her out with funds.

It is true that I did not donate a cent to Dawn Schriver back in 2013.  I was going to make a contribution but the goals has been met and the site has been closed. At that time, I defended her. In fact, I defended her for more than two weeks. When I get to read the court cases, dockets et al, I realized that she was not just a victim. She was also the perpetuator. But since she asked me for my help, I jumped in that because I had a faith in her. Boy, I was wrong. I started to see things pop out of her.

I get to see her true colors when she was brought on Deaf Thought Police as Admin (which was done without Jason Lamberton or mine's approval), she was intoxicated with power - when she came in as Admin, she already had the list of people she wanted to ban from DTP.  Needless to say, that did not sit well with me and Jason. When Jason said no about surrendering the group to the Admins fully, Dawn won't take "no" as the final answer.  She bullied & intimidated him enough for him to kick & ban her permanently. I supported his decision completely because it worked - it cuts her voice out just like that.  It also forced her to return to her original roots:  DeafVideo.tv where she has to mingle with that kind of crowd.

I donated two $5 bills in the jar.
It is interesting that Dawn has repeatedly passed herself off as a victim but if you see how she approached people in person, that was not the so-called PTSD antics she made. The way she treated the others are alarming. I am very profane person, I'll admit to that but I don't intimidate or terrorize people like that.  I don't call the Police on my ex. I don't hide my pet from anyone else. There are little things that she did to people she disliked, to people who won't be intimidated by her ... Hell, I can continue this all night long but no, I won't.

For sure, I am glad I did not donate a cent to Dawn's fundraising back in 2013. Do I regret that I helped her by defending her and allowing her vlog to be on my Channel??  No, not really.  I was glad to be part of something that closed one bad thing for her in order for her to live on her own.

How she fared on her own afterwards is something that I do not like nor care to see. We are better off not being friends. Whatever she says, I don't believe anything out of her mouth. I never saw her attend any deaf-related functions in Frederick County outside of MSD. I already showed you the proof that I did not make $400 when her vlog was on my channel back in 2013. And I donated to Sabrina Blount while she claimed I never did do that. And everything she said about me is not even true at all.

I think she is just upset that I made a little paragraph about her on my previous entry on my blogsite, questioning her "injury". I also think she was upset that the efforts that I put in with Anne Marie Mariam, Sandy Rae Scott, Julie Rems Smario & Swanhilda Lily in the last 7 - 10 days has stolen the spotlight away from her. Not only that, I also publicly announced that I absolutely refused to support the Walk for Kelly sponsored by MSD Booster Club run by whom? Dawn. Why? I already said my piece - I cannot support someone who kept on defending her son that he was innocent when there were too many reports that her son made sexual assaults upon others, especially at Gallaudet. I'm not going to donate a cent to this event this coming Sunday hosted by MSD Booster Club. I wish them well.



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