Saturday, May 02, 2015

Let's Pitch In To Help Sabrina Blount

Sabrina Blount & her 18 month son
Folks, I learned of this fundraising website and I am sharing this with you all. Not a long time ago, I mentioned that in North Carolina, two former ENCSD students has raped, robbed & ran over another former ENCSD student and left her for dead. But Sabrina Blount survived. Right now, she is still recuperating at a local hospital in North Carolina. 

The victim & the criminals are all Deaf and they all knew each other from their ENCSD days.

Sabrina will have to recover and rehabilitate not only her physical body, but also her mental & spiritual bodies as well. She has a long way to go. I made a donation to help her out and I hope you people would do the same as well. Any amount will be helpful for people like Sabrina. They told me that the donations will go straight into Sabrina's bank account which her mother will help Sabrina to pay the bills.

Few years ago, many of you helped in raising the funds for a certain person (Dawn Schriver Moore) so she can pay and severe any contacts with her ex. Dawn was never "injured" and many of you donated anyway. 

But this time, Sabrina Blount is severely injured and her family needs our help. Let's jump in to help out somehow. And yes, spread the word for me so that we can help her out. Thanks in advance. 



Here is the link to her fundraising website:

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