Friday, January 16, 2015

Erin, You Will Never Be Forgotten!

After the death of Erin Whitney, I was too stunned to do anything with my blog.  Erin Whitney was the person who wrote dozens of entries on my blogs as Karen von Pills & McFly.  Sadly, she has departed from us all when she died on July 24, 2013.

After a long hiatus, I think it is fitting that I resume this blog at some point. It is a good therapy for me, psychologically and all that.

For further information on the death of Erin Whitney, you can view my vlog made in July 28, 2013 at this link.

Knowing Erin very well for many years, I happen to know that she is a vocal anti-Muslim. So do I. Primarily because they threaten her and my way of life.  And with things happening in Europe regarding the massacre at Charlie Hebdo in Paris which left 12 dead - all of this was done by Islamic Extremists being angry at the publication for making an unflattering image of a pedophile named Prophet Muhammad which they consider him to be sacred and holy (Oh, please!).

And seeing the nutty Muslims in Pakistan marching demanding the deaths to all cartoonists for posting the images of Prophet Muhammad. If Erin was still alive, she and I would be defiant and post something that may enrage them. But she is not here with me, and I don't have any fear for these idiots.

Muslims, here is the image for you to be enraged:

Eat my heart, Muslims!